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Full Nameilauncher APK
PublisherMate Software
Mod FeaturesPrime, Pixel Edition
Latest Version1.1.5
Require Android4.1 and UP
Latest UpdateApril 26, 2020
Get it OnPlay Store

We advanced to several technologies that are simply useful to us in several ways due to which we are now able to get the full advantage of the technology and science in plenty of ways that are being available to us for our daily routine without any delay or issues.

However, if you know there have been great forms of such technology and science including the android iLauncher Pro Apk that has actually made sure of we getting access to a variety of things in the market and of course from around the world.

This discussion simply leads to the most popular name on the internet world which is android. Android is the most well-known and a famous operating system that is for mobiles and nowadays even computers and PCs are getting used to android operating systems, which is not yet in the market but it will soon be here.

You might not know, but the share market of android is very much increasing every year if compared to other such technologies in the market. More than 85% of the market share is simply acquired by the android operating system itself.

Launchers in android phones could be a great path for every smartphone to operate with all the perfectness and if you see, iLauncher Apk is one of them.

So, most of us have android operating systems only, why?

The reason is, android systems are a lot easier to operate and they are simply flexible when it comes to using the system to the core.

There are a lot of apps available for this particular system itself which includes the iLauncher Apk that makes everything easier for your mobile operations, but yet sometimes there is some third party which is safe to use but is still not permitted by both the android system and the online play store both.

Hence, such deny in permission leads to rooting of the device or probably using the third-party apps either on the rooted phone or without any rooting of the phone for sure.

If you ask me what and why then yes here we are talking about the launcher apps being available for the smartphones. If you are looking to use launcher apps then there are plenty of them to simply make you feel proud and great on the whole, but figuring out the best and the safe one could be hard.

Hence, here we have come up with a great launcher called iLauncher Apk 2020 that is not only a greatly featured app suitable for all types of android smartphones but is also a safe one that can be used without any issue or any fear of malware.

Why iLauncher APK?

Not each and every launcher app available gives the best of its features and benefits, but yet iLauncher can be counted out of such a survey as it does help you to enjoy and make the entire app using process simply easy and great.

Launchers are simply great as it just helps you to customize your smartphone from its root. Of course, if you see, some launcher apps might need rooting of the phone or the device, whereas this app does not demand or request anything as such and it just works on your smartphone like the other apps already available or pre-installed in your device though.

iLauncher Apk can also help you to entirely make your device look like the iPhone then yes it would require some money to be spent in the rooting and the modification of the device on the whole.

If you use iLauncher, it can make your device look like the popular iOS devices or the Apple devices, of course from the interiors and not the external design and the look of the smartphone will change.

iLauncher - OS
iLauncher - OS
Developer: Mate Software
Price: Free
  • iLauncher - OS Screenshot
  • iLauncher - OS Screenshot
  • iLauncher - OS Screenshot

To make this launcher run in your smartphone or the android device you should have the android version of 6.0 or more than that unless you might not be able to download such an app or the apk file in your android phone for sure. The app is available in the paid version, but you need not pay for it as you can download in the form of apk version.

If you want to download then there are a lot of iLauncher OS versions available on the internet, be sure of which version to download and only go ahead with downloads though. Many of you might not be aware of the exact job of a launcher in an android phone. Such apps actually change the home screen looks, the functionality of the app and of course, this particular launcher will give you an iPhone look.

If you still have a clear confusion about such launchers then here we have put together all the features and benefits of using iLauncher Apk on your android smartphone.

iLauncher APK Key Features [Pro]

So, people whenever looking for this amazing Android ilauncher OS to download and install it on their devices, they must be aware of the features which are also involved in it.

You can simply check out all the below mentioned features that are just great for your android smartphone and of course you actually have to download the app manually and possibly this particular app could be very much flexible and great for your needs and expectations.

Best Features of iLauncher APK

✔️ Exact iOS look

Yes, that is exactly why you should get this particular launcher for your android device or the android smartphone. The launcher can convert and make your device look like an iOS device, or iPhone or even the iPad too, which may look like magic to you but that is exactly the fact of downloading this particular launcher in your device.

This also means that you don’t have to specifically search for this launcher according to the iOS device model or the look, as the one version of the launcher can do all the job for you.

✔️ Customization

When you download this particular launcher, you instantly get the benefit of customizing your device without the need for rooting or modifying the roots of your device or the phone for that matter.

Once after you finish with the download of the iLauncher apk app on your smartphone it will simply start functioning with all of its features which means it starts working right then itself.

The app helps you to change the smartphone home screen without affecting the apps available automatically right from all the icons to the graphics, don’t worry as any of your apps will be removed.

✔️ Pre-installed iOS Package

If you are eagerly wanting the apple device or the iOS devices looks and design along with the home screen style then you can opt for this particular launcher also known as iLauncher apk app that is quite smarter and makes the phone or the device more beautiful and personalized as according to your requirements for sure.

This also means that you can change the themes and even the screen saver and the home screen as according to the looks of the apple devices.

It comes with the entire package of iOS devices and features which is very helpful for sure.

✔️ Compact file Size

Whenever we are downloading a file or an application on the smartphone or the android device, the only thing that matters is the file size which actually could be a great deal for many of you due to other factors that come along with such huge apps though.

However, the compact file size is simply a suitable option or an advantage if you have very little memory in your android smartphone or the phone space.

This particular apk would also help you to avail of different other features that would be very beneficial on the whole.

✔️ Safe

Using this particular app or the apk is simply safe, it is very of a common issue where people generally don’t download any kind of apk files as that may harm their device privacy and safety overall.

But, only if you know this iLauncher apk file is pretty much great and surely safe as that would not harm your mobile information or the data and will simply be a better app being available for all the websites and for usage on the whole.

The file is simply safe to use as you actually don’t have to worry about your identity or the mobile information to be acquired or losing any kind of privacy though.

✔️ Does not hog or lag

Yes, as the file size of ilauncher Apk is too small and acquires less space in your android smartphone it does not make your phone lag for sure.

However, it gives the smooth functioning of the app or the launcher app and also of the other available apps in the smartphone which makes the smartphone pretty smooth to use without any kind of lagging or RAM performance issues for sure.

The CPU cycles would run as usual and it will not harm the regular apps that you have been always using in your android device or the smartphone. It will also help you with a speedy and fast experience than of previous times when you have been using the other apps.

✔️ Polished Screen

No, the iLauncher apk app will not clean up your device screen instead it will make the phone work much smarter and it also does not need any kind of rooting to be done in your phone or the android smartphone for sure.

The screen would look exactly like the Apple devices any model though but still it gives a great and added look to your android device without harming your routine tasks in your phone or the device.

It also does not make struggles with the other apps that are already present in the device including no clashes with the in-built or the device apps though.

✔️ More Surprises

Yes, the iLauncher apk app comes with a great set of other benefits and if you ask they are all surprises that just give loads of unexpected benefits for you and your phone for sure.

The app can be downloaded for free of cost as it does not charge any kind of money from the user. Using this particular launcher makes the interaction much smarter and easier as compared to using phones without such launchers.

It makes the devices run smoothly and does not make any kind of effects or impacts on the other apps being available on the smartphone though.

How to Install/Download iLauncher [Pro] [Premium]

iLauncher APK full version download is completely free of charge. But you need to download this app in the form of an APK file and then install it manually.

But, there is something you need to know!

That is before downloading you have to ensure that the network connection is entirely stable.

So that the download process does not stop midway or fails eventually. After you have downloaded the APK file of the download ilauncher APK Ex you can follow the following steps to install it:

Step 1.

You need to remove all the previous versions if existing on your android device.

Step 2.

Then you have to Download the iLauncher APK from an authentic site on your android phone.

Step 3.

Then you have to click on the install button to start with the installation procedure.

Step 4.

To allow the installation to complete, you have to head to the settings and under Security, option, click on the Turn on Unknown Sources option.

Step 5.

The head to the downloaded folder that has the APK file and tap on it. Initiate the installation.

Step 6.

Subsequently, if you are done with the installation click on the app. Enjoy!

Some Reviews By Users

Rating 5.0

Henry Mohugalian

The ilauncher – OS 9 worked well except it kept creating a duplicate app on the home screen whenever I restart it or turn it off for a while. For example, when I turned on my Samsung tab E 9.6 in the morning after I turned it off for a while it turned off with a duplicate app of play store on my home screen. Please fixes this problem. If you fix this problem I will be happy to give you 5 stars.

Rating 4.5

Shuks PK

I wanted the best features of Android e.g. Widgets & the best of IOS its simple Iconic interface and found it in this Launcher. I’ve tried other IOS launchers and they have either been buggy or do not support widgets. This launcher has surprisingly managed to fuse the best of both worlds and made it simple to configure. I’ve even been upgraded to the pro version for free by downloading 3 advertised apps. Pretty cool deal, Splendid so far !!!

Rating 5.0


really good n customizable. its simple. i wouldn’t suggest if you’re going for an iphone look, but it’s simple and easy to just do whatever you want with it. one problem is basically every time i go to my home screen there’s a disclaimer saying they don’t own any icons. its annoying but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do to avoid copyright

The Last Word

Hence, here we have mentioned every single detail about the iLauncher apk app used for the android devices or the android smartphones.

However, it gives a great look and a great pack of effects right from the iPhone itself which is the highlight of this particular launcher app. Everyone with android devices can make use of this specific app as it is both free and easy to use.

It also does not demand any kind of special functions or modifications to be made in the android device.

If you are having any problems download or installing an ilauncher [Premium] + [Pro] Apk then you can ask us in the Comment Box. We will help you as soon as possible. Thanx for downloading and keep visiting on

Faqs of ilauncher

👉 Is the iLauncher apk safe to use?

The ilauncher is simply tested and is approved by the tech experts and the android experts itself and hence it is simply safe to use on any kind of android device though.

👉 Will the App Affect My Phone’s RAM?

No, it will not affect your phone’s RAM or the CPU as instead it will make the device smoother and smarter than it was before.

👉 Can I use this on my iPhone?

No, this ilauncher apk is specifically designed for the android users and the android devices only and hence you cannot use in your iPhone or iPad devices.

👉 Should I pay for this Apk file or the app?

Nope, you need not pay any charges for this particular app or for downloading the apk file as it is totally free of cost for the internet users though.

👉 Will the app start functioning instantly or it needs manual help?

It does not need any manual help or actions as once you download the app it will simply start functioning with all the features available in the phone.

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