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Full NameNova launcher Prime APK
PublisherTeslaCoil Software
Mod FeaturesPrime, Pixel Edition
Latest Version6.2.12
Require Android5.0 and UP
Latest UpdateMay 01, 2020
Get it OnPlay Store

Android is an open OS (Operating System) established by Google, which permits creators and applicants to convert the default UI as per their choices. It is among the essential facts of Android as associated with other mobile OS.

In its place, iOS does not permit the applicant to modify and convert the default look, but Android is dissimilar. With the third-party launcher app, users can edit everything, like background pictures, icons, effects, and the size of the font.

The launcher is an exclusive concept on Android that mentions the whole user edge, comprising the image, app drawer, and widgets on the home screen.

Many smartphone creators are concerned about classifying their smartphone, so they try to save the applicant interface of all the devices similar by controlling the wallpaper choices, along with theme options. All applicants have to install Nova Launcher APK or try some other mode to improve the look of their Android smartphone home screen.

nova launcher prime apk

That is where the Android Nova launcher Prime APK arises in; they lock your smartphone desktop by offering you many modifying choices and boatloads of Nova Launcher Themes so that you can make a one of a type look for your Android home screen.

Many users may like adding special touches to your android phone desktop or anywhere you go, and for those with original instincts, this is the best method of enhancing up the home screen or brings it to life.

Many third-party Android device launchers are accessible now, but selecting the best launcher is more critical.

It should be light and straightforward to use. Let us introduce you to one of the finest and perfect Android launchers named Nova Launcher Prime APK 2020, which established in the initial years of the Android OS (Operating System).

About Nova Launcher Prime APK

Nova Launcher Prime is the best and perfect launcher apk for innovative and modern Android, embracing complete Physical Design. Nova Launcher changes and can modify your home screen to where you are controlling it.

Modify icons, designs, cartoons, and many more. Nova Launcher Prime is an app, which permits applicants to convert the default Launcher they are using. This application is accessible on the Play Store with two latest editions, comprising Free and Paid.

If you are an ordinary user, you can select a paid version to try its essential features. If you wish to have some extra features, Nova Launcher Prime is what you want.

Nova Prime APK Application may be a perfect substitute. Particularly with the new edition of it, Android applicants can now easily modify the way, and their smartphone seems with numerous themes and images. Nova Launcher Prime APK is one of the most famous home screens of the Android system from third party creators.

If the applicant never downloaded a launcher on your smartphone, you may not feel any excitement. Though, the features of this Nova Launcher Prime are fascinating. The Nova Launcher Prime APK permits you to enhance the number of rows or columns of your phone’s home screen.

Nova Launcher Prime
Nova Launcher Prime
Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Price: 5,25 €
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Prime Screenshot

It is the perfect and best home screen replacement for Android for many applicants of the Android Operating System.

Nova Launcher Pro APK is among the best applications for customization on the Android Operating System network. Nova Mod APK is always informing new and innovative features to match the current edition of Android.

It may also run well on high-end to average-range devices and low-profile techniques. If you wish to provide your Android device with an entirely new look, you can accomplish this objective by downloading Nova Launcher Mod APK in your smartphones.

There are many icon themes for applicants to select from; you will have many choices to create your desktop more specific.

It offers Subgrid locating that permits a lot more control than any of the standard launchers presently accessible online; Nova Launcher Pro App lets every applicant take a picture of icons centrally method across desktop network cells.

It comprises shade control for many things, which are binders, labels, unread symbols, drawer tablets, and backgrounds. You can change the application drawer completely until you acquire it right; the choices accessible for application drawer modification are upper or lower scrolling, custom tabs, and various beautiful traditional effects.

Nova Launcher Prime APK Key Features [Pro] [Mod]

Nova Launcher application has received approximately 105 million downloads and 5-star reviews on the Google Play Store.

It is sufficient to search it one of the perfect and most excellent launchers that you must try and use when you wish to change the look of the smartphone android device.

In addition to being friendly with many android devices, Nova Launcher Prime APK is straightforward to try and carries many exciting features that you won’t see on any other launchers.

Here, we are providing some of the best features of Nova Launcher Prime APK:

Best Features of Nova Launcher APK

✔️ Icon Size and Download Million of Themes

Icons are the leading features of any android launcher. While you may modify the icon packs and change the icon tags in both the edition, then only the Prime edition lets you resize the icon according to your choice. It is appropriate for both app drawer, and desktop.

With Nova Launcher, millions of themes and icon packs are simple to get and download on the App Google Play Store.

If you try and use the icon pack installed from Google Play Store, they will also be friendly with this Nova Launcher. Converting the border on Android is exciting and straightforward with Nova Launcher.

✔️ Smooth, Fast & Safe Launcher

Most applicants wish to search for a fast, soft, and secure launcher; Nova Launcher Prime is one such launcher. Immediately you download and apply Nova Launcher as the defaulting app or launcher; you will experience among the fastest and smooth apps, smooth taking, selecting, or dragging.

Nova Launcher is also totally safe to use, and it does not comprise the dangerous code or unwanted applications that are worst for your android device.

✔️ Say Farewell to the Commercial Advertisements

Nova Launcher Prime App has eliminated the commercial advertisements, taking the least and most relaxed experience for users. I have also used various android launcher a lot.

Though there are many worst things to advertise, such as advertising. Ads in the launcher appear in many methods. Once in a while, it is only an automatic or banner ad that looks after unlocking your android smartphone.

Furthermore, others are incredibly irritating because they inspire applicants to promote games or advertisements. Nova Launcher Prime Application is different, which is non-advertisement.

You will not receive any ads at the time of using the app.

✔️ Compatible with Devices

Nova Launcher Prime App is a lightweight, straightforward database that is friendly with the bulk of these Android devices.

Applicants can set up Nova Launcher Prime APK on one device, it is beautiful, it can still work efficiently, and various launchers cannot complete it.

Your android device should always promise the necessary arrangement of this database with Android 4.0, 1 GB Ram, or more and 20M free memory card.

✔️ Use Gestures to Navigate Easily 

Gestures, you can make a dig, touch, double-tap, and more such signals on your android phone home screen for any of your extremely-used applications, making it a hassle to unlock your phone again and again.

Nova launcher Prime is enormously improving for the android operating system (OS) with all the current and recent animations and conversions.

To open an application of your selection, increase the notice menu or quicker formation, boot Google Help or the app drawer, and many more, you can dig the android phone’s home screen.

Touch-in and out, drag up and down, and double-tap digs comprised in the gestures.

✔️ App Drawer, Backup and Restore

Select between upper or lower scrolling, modest, card or immersive layout, special effects, and more applicants will search for the app drawer.

You can support all the launcher situations and return it on another android device when varying the android smartphone. Backup can be stored nearby or on cloud loading for simple operations.

✔️ Activate Night Mode

If you use your android smartphones regularly at night, you will undoubtedly be impressed by the bright white UI modules, even when exchanging between other apps that may be in their night style.

Happily, Nova Launcher Prime has its dark mode selection that will make unclear some UI elements. Night mode will not try the launchers in an entirely different form; it will only dim some features like the background of the application drawer and the shade of file or folders.

These choices can be arranged in the formation menu of this launcher, permitting applicants to dim the search bar, drawer icon, drawer, and folders individually.

Advanced Features of Nova Launcher Prime APK

▶ It comprises Unreached Counts badge with which you will continuously be alert to get the message.

▶ These symbols are accessible for use in many services such as Hangouts and Gmail and regular messages.

▶ Inside the application drawer, you can make new tabs or folders according to your needs.

▶ There are various applications that you do not wish to remove. Still, you never try, an applicant can conceal such apps and handle a clean application drawer with the hidden apps using Nova Launcher Prime.

▶ With the help of Icon Swipes, you can easily set custom activities for moving on folders, along with application shortcuts.

▶ In addition to endless scrolling, the launcher also offers several scrolling effects, comprising Wipe, Accordion, and Throw.

▶ The impacts of this launcher are exceptional, and you can combine them with various layouts to make multiple effects and look for your home screen.

▶ Nova is hugely improved, with cartoons that are simple and flattering, creating even older smartphones feel rapid and fluid as well.

WHAT’S NEW in Nova Launcher Prime

• 🆕 Nova Launcher Prime acts as a license for in the free Nova Launcher App. You will need to install it first.
• 🆕 Updates are released as part of the Nova Launcher app, please see the changelog there. • 🆕 Bug Fixed

How to Install/Download Nova Launcher Prime [Pro] [Mod]

Nova Launcher Prime APK full version download is completely free of charge. But you need to download this app in the form of an APK file and then install it manually.

But, there is something you need to know!

That is before downloading you have to ensure that the network connection is entirely stable.

So that the download process does not stop midway or fails eventually. After you have downloaded the APK file of the download Nova launcher Prime APK you can follow the following steps to install it:

Step 1.

You need to remove all the previous versions if existing on your android device.

Step 2.

Then you have to Download the Nova Launcher Prime APK from an authentic site on your android phone.

Step 3.

Then you have to click on the install button to start with the installation procedure.

Step 4.

To allow the installation to complete, you have to head to the settings and under Security, option, click on the Turn on Unknown Sources option.

Step 5.

The head to the downloaded folder that has the APK file and tap on it. Initiate the installation.

Step 6.

Subsequently, if you are done with the installation click on the app. Enjoy!

Some Reviews By Users

Rating 5.0

Edward Ormsby

Thank you TeslaCoil Software for making the android experience so much better! The options and user interface these Nova launcher offers are everything I need and more to have the control I enjoy having over my android devices. The user-friendly and convenient layout has made using my android devices much more enjoyable. All this without having to root mt devices! I recommend this app to all my friends and family. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Rating 4.5


I honestly love this app, it’s so much nicer than OneUI in my honest opinion. Especially if you get some nice Icon packs to go along with it and some nice wallpapers. 10/10 ign. Would recommend 👌 👍. The swipe gestures are so nice, being able to swipe down from anywhere to bring down the notifications. Mmmmm so good. I did just get this Nova launcher yesterday, but so far no complaints at all. I will update my review if I find any problems. 100% recommend this for 5$ though. Very worth it. Nice!!

Rating 5.0

Isaac Hunt

Simply THE BEST launcher EVER. Takes a little while to get used to, but after that, it’s simply an amazing app to fully customize your mobile to your own preferences. The paid-for version is an absolute MUST you will not regret purchasing it, in fact, you will wonder how you ever used your phone without it before.I am blown away by the swipe gestures and the fact you can use multiple icon packs at the same time! I spend many happy hours tinkering to achieve my perfect set up well-done dev !!! 5★

The Last Word

Day-by-day, the fame of the launcher is increasing. In every launcher, the nova launcher prime is in front of the home page. Hence it is measured as nova launcher as among the most excellent Launchers in the Google Play Store.

There is no hesitance that there are other famous launchers that are very good, but if you wish to experience the full customization effects, then you have to use the Nova Launcher Prime APK.

You can make an original design or go for the innovative and modern design, both of which are possible with this app or launcher; there are extremely few launchers which will help you to create a layout that you need.

This application or launcher is still advanced or improved to add new advanced features friendly with the latest Android editions (presently Android OS), so you can guarantee that this application even promotes your device.

We hope that Nova Launcher Prime Application will give you the best feelings while changing lethargic launcher stock in your android device.

If you are having any problems download or installing a Nova launcher Prime [Mod] [Pro] Apk then you can ask us in the Comment Box. We will help you as soon as possible. Thanx for downloading and keep visiting on

Faqs of Nova Launcher Prime

👉 Can We Hide Application in Nova Launcher Prime?

Yes, an applicant can hide apps on android mobile phones. Firstly, you need to go “Nova settings” section then, select app and widget drawers. At last, you can hide the application by hitting the “Hide App” tab.

👉 How to Install Tesla Unread Plugin?

First of all, applicants can download the Tesla Unread APK plugin and save it on their device. Ensure you have detached the old edition of the app. Then you need to install the Tesla Unread plugin, and the installation procedure will take approximately 10 seconds.

👉 How to Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk?

If you use a Computer or Tablet to download, please attach your Computer or Tablet with the Android Phone to transfer the folder to the device’s memory. Never forget to go on the feature that allows you to install the app from “Unknown Sources.” With the help of File Manager, follow the file or folder that you have just installed or downloaded. Click Here to Download

👉 Does Nova Launcher Prime Have Dim Mode Option?

Yes, Nova Launcher Prime has a dim mode option. It is likely too dark mode settings in this Nova Launcher Prime App.

👉 How to Restore the Button of App Drawer?

To restore the button of the app drawer, you need to hit the app drawer button for a long time and locate it on the desktop or home screen of the phone. Afterwards, go to widgets, press Nova’s actions, and then hit the app drawer tab. In this way, you can add this button to your home screen.

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